A Briefing on National Identity

A Briefing on National Identity: Up-to-date and comprehensive information
Speaker: David McCrone # Institute of Governance, University of Edinburgh; Speaker: Frank Bechhofer # Institute of Governance, University of Edinburgh
Date and Time
8th May 2012 09:30 8th May 2012 13:30
Raeburn Room, Old College

At a time when all sorts of claims about changing national identities in Scotland and England are bandied about in the media, here is your chance to get the most up-to-date and comprehensive information.

Using the first preliminary results of the latest, 2011, national identity survey in Scotland and other unique research data, Frank Bechhofer and David McCrone will review how people's senses of being Scottish and British, as well as English have changed in recent years, the extent to which national identity can be thought of as 'political', and what the implications are for the future of the United Kingdom.

David McCrone is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Edinburgh University. Frank Bechhofer is Emeritus Professor of Social Research, and University Fellow at Edinburgh University.


9.30 - Registration and Coffee

10.00 - Introduction

  • Are the Scots becoming more Scottish and the English more English?
  • Is national identity 'political'? Is this why the SNP won the election in May 2011? Does national identity affect constitutional preferences?
  • Do occasions and contexts matter? Do people feel more Scottish or more British when there is a royal wedding? When an SNP government is in power at Holyrood? When the Conservatives are in power at Westminster?
  • Do Scots really care if: Andy Murray is called 'British'; Westminster is called the 'English' parliament? The Queen is claimed to be 'the Queen of England'? When the Scottish elections are postponed a year to make way for British ones?
  • Who counts as 'Scottish'? Who should have the right to vote in Scottish elections? Who should count as 'Scottish' when it comes to university fees?

12.45 - Buffet Lunch

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